What my clients say about working with me


What my clients say about working with me

If we want to be something different we need to do something different.

Leadership Coaching

I reached out to Ally as I started a new job where I was required to present to small and large groups of workers. Despite knowing my field, public speaking has always made me feel really nervous and I didn't want to feel that way anymore.

The best thing I have learnt from Ally is what to do and what to NOT do when waiting for my turn to present to a group. 

In my role now I feel good about presenting to the larger groups. I still feel nerves but after the sessions with Ally I learnt how to use my body and change my way of thinking so that they no longer hold me back and affect my presentation.

Ally give's real and practical advice. She has taught me how to better read others and myself.

Sarah Voullaire, R.N Occupational Health Advisor, OMV Taranaki Limited


I was feeling overwhelmed with all the responsibility involved in managing my business and staff. I needed some strategies around setting boundaries and understanding the impact I was currently having and could have on the business.

Ally has given me multiple ways to look at dealing with day to day tasks and also looking at the bigger picture. She has focused on my strengths and using those to have the impact on my business that I needed. Also, things I thought were weakeness, she has given me a different way to view these and this has boosted my confidence in dealing with any overwhelming or difficult situation.

Ally is a great listener and can reflect things back to you so you see them in a different light which has been very enlightening. She has experience in dealing with staff on lots of different levels and understands the issues staff management can bring in the workplace (both good and bad). Ally keeps up to date with lots of leadership and management strategies and theories which is really helpful in giving 'real life' examples of how things can improve.

Ally has been fantastic for me personally and my business. I call her my 'business therapist'. Having someone to listen to you and then come up with really practical steps to take to show you growth is just amazing and has been worth investing in. My staff culture and business practices have definitely improved with her help. 

Catherine Keenan, Owner Vivian Pharmacy


I started coaching with Ally because I wanted someone external of the company to help me discuss certain work issues.

I feel I have learnt sooooo much! She really has helped me to look at my concerns/ difficulties from a different angle and help me find solutions for it.

I have implemented some great strategies and my team motivation and effectiveness has considerably improved. It also helped me to have more distance with certain issues and not take too much things to heart.

She got me to find my own solutions by asking the right questions. she genuinely cares and listens and tries to have a clear picture of what may be going on. She has so much knowledge and seems to always nail the source of the problem directly!

I would have no doubt recommending Ally to others and I have!

Celine Jan, Operations Manager, Toucan Taranaki


I approached Ally for coaching because I wanted to enhance my presentation skills to more effectively engage my audience. The coaching sessions given by Ally were extremely helpful, they have had a big impact in my day-to-day work.

I now get lots of positive feedback on my presentations and appreciation for my work. Ally helped me to use tools/ methods while presenting and communicating to groups of people with different discipline backgrounds. The main areas being, listening skills, understanding your audience, stress management and setting up boundaries.

Ally is good at making coaching steps simple and easy to understand. I personally found her very useful and her follow up after coaching sessions was great. I would strongly recommend her. She is an excellent caoch. Her ability to develop simple tools in the back of your mind is great. i personally classified her coaching sessions as fruitful.

S.Qayamuddin Shah, Senior Production Technologist, OMV Taranaki Limited

Leadership Style

Ally worked with me and my team using the I.D. System. I went into the process with an open mind and was surprised with the usefulness of the System as a business tool. 
From a team management point of view the most useful outcome was highlighting individual needs that are not easy to recognise but can make a vast difference to performance. The I.D. process also provided me with specific guidance on how to structure conversations around performance taking into account individual needs. 
The team found Ally professional and approachable and felt at ease talking to her. 
I think the I.D. would be a great tool for recruitment in my industry, unlike other profiling tools that I have experienced that deal with preferences, the I.D. does not change and cuts to the core of what fundamentally drives and motivates an employee.

David Lewis - Manager Projects Control Team, Worley Parsons NZ Ltd

Working with Ally and the I.D.™ has been a valuable experience. It has made us understand ourselves and each other better; why we behave in a particular way in different situations. The I.D.™ is different to other profiling tools as it is something we are born with. Over time we can change and learn different behaviours but I.D.™ is something that cannot be changed. It was an eye opening experience for myself and the team. The process has had a significant effect on the way we communicate and collaboration as a team. Ally was professional and offers excellent quality of service.

Jenny Henderson - Manager, Taranaki Cancer Society

Working with Ally and the I.D. profile has given the team a greater understanding of each other. Leading to better communication and cohesion of the team. The value that has come out of the experience for me, is having the ability to spot triggers for individual team members. I now can identify subtle changes in behaviour as stress, where I might not have recognised it as stress before. The I.D. has given me a greater understanding of my own style and what I need to do to motivate and get the best out of my staff.

Maria Ramsey - General Manager, TSB Community Trust

For me the most valuable part of the I.D. process was that the team recognised the differing profiles and styles of working. I think having insight into ones style allows people to be able to adapt to others. Ally provided a professional service from the first encounter to the end of the process. She is warm and open to discussion on the various elements of the profiling process. The I.D. is very different from other profiling tool I have experienced. It requires much more thought about the various styles and provides a more in depth understanding of one’s self.

Suzanne Porter - CEO, Taranaki Arts Trust

Ally and the Profiling tool came along just at the right moment – feeling rather overwhelmed and somewhat stagnant with both my business and day to day life. The biggest thing this process did for me was to make me realise that day to day life is mundane for me NOT because I’m ungrateful but because I’m simply wired that way. Why I was feeling frustrated about not being able to give my business 100% due to circumstances suddenly made more sense to me. With the renewed confidence that the profiling tool gave me, I decided to do what came instinctively to me and trust my ‘gut’. Within a short space of time, I have managed to find funding for my business and a major expansion has now been planned. I always had this goal in my sights but the Profiling tool and Ally made me feel like I was going to achieve it in a way that felt natural and comfortable for me.  The power of the tool lies within making you realise your way is the RIGHT way for YOU! Working at the pace the profile tool confirmed was right for my personality has put the fun back into having my own business.

Tonya Lee Callebaut - Director, Logajob

Ally was very professional in working with me on my I.D. process.  I have been struggling with my business, not in terms of income, but in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment, and Ally did an amazing job of getting me to reflect and talk about what is going on.  The result is greater focus, more confidence to turn work down that I don't want to do, and an enhanced ability to communicate my strengths and get the type of work I want at a better rate of pay.  I think that the system is good, and gave us a good foundation for our discussions.

Matt Sagen - Head of Product, Automio Ltd

TLC Membership

I have been a member since September 2018. I enjoy connecting with other members, sharing our experiences, brainstorming and supporting each other. the honesty, diversity within the group. The accountability the group provides and responsibility.

I have gained a greater insight into myself and how I operate, where I can improve my leadership skills both in my private and professional life. 

I have gained greater confidence, interpersonal and leadership skills in my position as president of a local incorporated society, and a better understanding of where effective leadership skills can be utilized in the different positions I hold in my life. 

I would recommend this group to others, I am sure others will benefit in similar ways to me. 

Karin Christensen, Practice Manager, Koru Corner Natural Therapies Centre. 


I would highly recommend Ally's service as it is quite unique in the world of coaching. She connects physical presence with leadership skills, aligns body with the mind, and encourages members to see the imprints of themselves in the outer world.

I have experiences how even short participation in Ally's group increased people's confidence, persuasive qualities and subtle dominance.

Leading by inspiration and influence is strong in the 21st century, and that is what Ally teaches people to do.

Olena Williams, Olena Williams Media


Being a member inspires me to be a better leader. In fact it informs what being a leader really is and helps me to see how I can apply this in my life, both in and out of my career. I have learnt that it is ok to operate outside of my comfort zone. I have learnt the kind of leader I want to be- an empowering leader dedicated to the task. And it is only the beginning of the journey, I look forward to much more. 

I would recommend membership for practical inspiration and application of leadership every day.

Leedom Gibbs, Taranaki Farm Manager


I really enjoy being part of this leadership development programme with Ally. 

Membership has given me a wider understanding of leadership and the opportunity to look at things from a different perspective.  I have been able to put new techniques into practice; to improve my approach to various situations - both at work and in everyday life. 

 Everyone has to show up as a leader in some respect.  Learning a few techniques and tools has certainly given me more confidence in my ability to step up when I need to. 

Being part of the group is fun.  Having a network to check in with regularly is really valuable –the mix of social media, zoom sessions and face to face meetings makes the programme really accessible. 

This group situation allows you to consider new ideas, learn different approaches and really focus on the key points you want to work on, along with opportunity to follow up in the next session. 


Jane Moffitt, Business Advisor, Venture Taranaki, South Taranaki District Council