Leadership Style

What kind of leader are you?

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Leadership Style

What kind of leader are you?

Take the Test

Learn about yourself and how you can best engage and motivate others. Use the I.D. profile to discover what kind of leader you are and can be!

What is your leadership style?

What affect does this have on your performance and your ability to led others?


Take the I.D. profile to find out.


Your leadership style is the way that you approach situations. It is your focus. What you see and pay attention to, but also what you don’t see and what you have a tendency to overlook.

It is the way that you motivate people, and how you go about implementing plans and provide direction to those around you.

There is not one ideal type of leadership. Everyone has the potential to successfully, align, motivate and empower others.

To do this, and live up to our potential as leaders we need to know who we are and what our natural leadership style is. Knowing and understanding our natural leadership style enables us to be authentic and effective leaders.

Discover Your Style With The I.D. Profiling Tool

Sometimes it can be difficult to identify our own style and have a language to communicate this to others.

The I.D. is a useful leadership tool that will define your leadership style.

What drives and energizes you and where you need to focus your attention in your leadership.

By taking the profile you will have a clear idea of your strengths, vulnerabilities.

How you can communicate better to those around you, meet your own needs and be a more effective leader

•  Register and pay for the profile test online- book a session with Ally at the same time ( this is included in the cost). 

• Take the test- complete this in your own time. It only takes approx 20-30 minutes to complete.