About Ally

About Ally

Work with me to develop your natural strengths, find confidence and learn new skills. Drive your own change and become the best leader you can be!

About Ally

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Family, career, community and physicality!

I am a proud mother of two teenage boys, my kids keep me grounded, while dancing and running keep me on my toes (or maybe it’s the other way around!).

I am originally from the UK, emigrating to NZ in 2001. At the time I thought I would be in the country for a couple of months doing a bit of travelling and skiing. Eighteen years later I am still here, loving it and just as passionate about New Zealand. I am based in Taranaki in the vibrant city of New Plymouth.

Prior to training as a leadership coach in 2012, I had a rewarding and challenging career in hospitality and restaurant management. I have owned two of my own restaurants and run a number of hospitality businesses for others.

The restaurant industry taught me first-hand the value of leadership skills and the role leadership plays in defining personal and professional success.

Leading others I have found to be both the most challenging and most rewarding role in business requiring an individual to be strong, grounded and confident in themselves as well as understanding the best way to motivate and engage others.

I believe we are always developing as leaders, I gain insight from every client that I work with as well as teaching, guiding and supporting them to do the same.